The GPS Hub brings to you the one time opportunity to make it big in business. If you always wanted to reach the next level in business, if you are in love with gadgets, this is your opportunity to take the big step forward. Be the authorised dealer of GPS tracking systems in india, an industry growing incredibly fast in India and which has no bound.

With every car, human and animal as your potential customer, authorised dealership for GPS tracking devices is available Road Point for interested people in Chhattisgarh . We have identified these areas as our major focus area as the number of cars is sky-rocketing there and still the GPS market is totally new. With expert guidance from Road Point, all you need is aspiration to make it big.

Our complete list of support includes but certainly not limited to

• We provide every equipment you will ever need for tracking purpose. Our extensive range includes professional fleet management trackers, personal car trackers, pet tracker, kid’s tracker, bike tracker, anti-theft alarm and any other precautionary device. All your customers can be served with equipments from Road Point.

• Our devices come with every variation including Active data pullers, Passive trackers and hybrid trackers. Depending on the need of the client, serve him what suits him the best.

• Our highly trained, qualified and experienced team of engineers and fitters will train your workforce extensively, helping them learns how to install and troubleshoot the sophisticated machines.

• With products priced justly, our products help you to compete against any other GPS dealer in your local area.

• Highest quality of products, the complete following of FCC standards and Indian rules and regulations. Permitted radiation and above all, assurance of Road Point India.

If you are interested in making it big and earn respect as well as wealth, welcome to this professional relation with Road Point India, the owner of the largest dealer chain of GPS vehicle and personal tracking devices. We will help you setting up the complete business and help you identify the potential target customers. We also arrange for periodical seminars to keep you update about the latest happenings in the GPS industry and the newer products we are launching.

Do not hesitate as we offer dealership to few people in the same area to avoid brand undercutting.

To Become Our Dealer / Distributor , Please fill up the following details:

For more details contact Mr. Vivek Singh : +91 7770929999

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